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Huawei HG531s V1 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Router

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  • HG531s V1 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Router(hereinafter referred to as theHG531sV1) is a type ofAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line(ADSL)terminal.
  • At thenetwork side, it provides ADSL2+ for rapid Internet access and high-speed broadbandaccess.
  • For users, it provides an 802.11b/g/n interface and four Ethernet interfaces. After connecting to a PC, STB,notebook computer, or another terminal, users can enjoydata, voice, and a range of other services.
  • The HG531s V1 boasts powerful routing and bridging functions and supports NAT/firewall technology, with flexible network configuration and QoS policies.
  • Moreover, the unit provides quality guarantees for latency-sensitive voice services and for video services susceptible to packet loss.
  • Using the HG531s V1, users can enjoy high-speed and high-quality broadband services at home.
  • As a broadband network terminal, the HG531s V1 is an extension of an operator’s broadband network.
  • HG531s V1provides powerful remote maintenance and administration functions. It supports the latest TR-069 terminal management standardsand remote upgrades, thus facilitating large-scale deployment and maintenance.
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