The Company was founded in 2006. Since its establishment, Access Telecom has pursued an aggressive growth and expansion policy, building up a powerful base in terms of infrastructure, assets, expertise and manpower, and is presently uniquely positioned to take the lead in the market. Great importance was placed upon establishing a distributed geographic distribution within Cairo, and in major cities in Egypt . As a result, today Access Telecom’s network is the most robust and powerful in the country, with the ability to provide connectivity in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.
Milestones of Success
Access Telecom is one of the largest private sector ISPs in Egypt, providing a complete range of networking solutions and Internet services to corporations, private businesses and individuals. The company has, over four years of successful operation formed a varied customer base cutting across many different sectors and disciplines, including industry, research and academia, banking and tourism. Numerous embassies and consulates are also part of our prestigious client list.
Access Telecom is dedicated to providing you with answers to your questions.
Dedicated Leased Line Customers
As soon as a suitable solution has been implemented, our technical support team remains on-hand to provide ongoing assistance with regards to software and hardware, and network troubleshooting. Each account has a specific account manager who acts as a contact point for all communication, and makes sure that the contracted bandwidth is available at all times, without interruption. This is provided through both telephone support and onsite visits when necessary. Mobile Phone Numbers of account managers are made available to all dedicated leased line customers, for usage around the clock if need be.
Support and Customer Care
The Access Telecom Support Center will be the single fault reporting point of contact for customer concerning the operation and the maintenance network. Access Telecom monitors the service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week locally and internationally.
Local Support and Maintenance
Access Telecom Support Center provides around the clock monitoring, fault reporting and maintenance of Access Internet Services network. In addition, Access Telecom customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help resolve any circuit, equipment or software configuration issues.


features over the ordinary services such as free number and ISDN like:
High speed download connection.
24 hour per day internet accessibility.
NO dialing process needed.
The phone line is no longer busy while using the internet.
NO internet charge added to your phone bill.
24 hour per day, 7 days per week support plus customer visits.
Turbo ADSL has the capacity to transform the way businesses operate. Fast connections and high bandwidth are pre-requisites for an effective business by increasing the upload stream to be half the download stream.
You could have the ADSL connection over Localloop ( data dedicated Line ).


The easiest way to connect to the internet is using our free fastest Dialup number 07770999
, It is an economic service where you connect at the cost of the local phone call.
Free number is an internet dialup service where user connects to the Internet using a computer, a Fax modem, an normal phone line and with no username and password are needed


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